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Badge Accreditation Information
  • Workers in the film industry (filmmakers, film festival staffs, etc.)
  • Members of Public Cultural Institution in Korea
  • Professors, executives and employees of domestic film and video-related universities and equivalent educational institutions
How to Apply
  • 1) Sign up for the Eventival site during the registration period.
       (Invitees who received an email invitation can also sign up for the Eventival via the link included in the email.)
  • 2) Select the appropriate badge from the [accreditation] tab and fill out the application form.
      Please attach all required documents to your application form.
  • 3) Once your application is approved, you can proceed with payment through PayPal on the Eventival.
  • 4) Confirmation mail will be sent once payment is made.
  • 5) Pick up the badge from the badge desk during the festival period.
  • A certificate of employment issued within 3 months. (Business cards are not acceptable.)
  • If the applicant is a freelancer, he or she must submit proof of activity within 3 months from the time of application.
    (KMDB link, Captured image of ending credit, etc.)
  • ※ Approval may be rejected if supporting documents are not attached/provided, or an unidentified photo is used or the applicant is not eligible.
  • Entitled to reserve 4 film tickets per day
    • - You can only reserve the ticket for a film which is screened on the day or the following day.
    • - You can’t reserve two or more tickets for same viewing time.
    • - Allowed to reserve tickets for general screenings, ‘Odd Family’ section, Mega Talk, and Master Class
    • - Please note that the badge doesn’t grant access to Opening/Closing Ceremonies, Midnight screening and Strange Stage.
  • Entitled to receive the Guest Package and a Program Book voucher
  • Access to BIFAN Guest Lounge (Free coffee)
  • Access to Program Events (Guest Visits_GV, Mega Talk, Master Class, etc.)
    (You can enter the venue after the screening ends. Separate ticket is required to watch the film.)
  • ※ Entrance to the event venue may be limited due to COVID-19 disinfection and management of the venues.
  • ※ You must present your ticket and badge to enter the screening.
  • ※ Badge cannot be used by other person.
  • ※ Badges are not transferable.
  • ※ Badges not received will be discarded immediately after the closing, and those who have not received badges will not be able to issue badges for the following year.
Period Price
May 25 (Wed) 14:00 ~ June 14 (Tue) 18:00 43 USD
(50,000 KRW)
July 8 (Fri) ~ July 16 (Sat) 9:00 ~ 20:30
July 17 (Sun) 10:00 ~ 14:00
58 USD
(70,000 KRW)
  • ※ All the processes from application to payment must be done within the Pre-Registration period.
  • ※ If the pre-registrant is eligible for a free badge, a full refund will be given.
  • The application for a badge cannot be modified online after the submission. Please contact the person who is in charge.
  • Only on-site registration is available after the pre-registration period. Please apply during the period.
  • | +82-32-327-6313 (Ext. 104)