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  • Reporters and editorial departments of general and film related press (broadcast, newspaper, magazine, and etc.)
  • TV and radio reporting producers, writers, program planners, announcers, and reporters
  • Critics and columnists
How to Apply
  • 1) Submit the online application within the registration period (must include all supporting documents)
  • 2) Once approved, a registration email will be sent
  • 3) Pick up badge from the badge desk at BIFAN
  • ※ Supporting documents
    - A certificate of employment issued within 3 months (must include the representative’s official seal and the date of issue)
    - A screenshot/scanned copy of an article that was written by the applicant and publishedon official media within the past year
    - Business cards or documents that can prove the applicant’s affiliation with journalism or critique related associations
  • ※ At least one supporting document must be submitted with the application
    ※ Approval may be rejected if supporting documents are not attached
    ※ Additional material may be requested for accurate verification
  • Unlimited tickets (entitled to 4 tickets per day; 1 ticket equals 1 screening)
    • ※ Limited to regular screening (including Family Zone) on the day of as well as the following day
    • ※ Badge does not grant access to Opening/Closing Ceremonies and Midnight Screenings.
  • Access to the Press Center and the Video Room
  • 10 percent souvenir discount
  • Free access to the VR Program
  • Entrance to the B.I.G Program
  • Complimentary guest package and main catalogue
  • Access to program events (GV, Mega Talk, Master Class, and etc.)
  • Access to festival parties for guests (Opening/Closing Receptions require separate invitations)
  • ※ Badges are non-transferable and may only be used by the person issued for
Registration Period Price
May/2/2019 ~ Jun/7 18:00 Free
Jun/28/2019 ~ Jul/7 14:00 50,000 KRW